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Monili Jewellers
Monili Jewellers


Monili Jewellers offers custom-made masterpieces that are flawless in cut and unrivaled in quality. Specialized craftsmen, employed for their technique and attention to detail, are the artists of the business as they create and design to customer requirements.

With a wide selection of jewellery lines in-store, the shop itself offers just a glimpse into the luxurious, exclusive pieces available. Trained to understand customer preferences, the sales team at Monili is passionate about their product having years of experience to their name. Professional yet friendly, each salesperson is dedicated to going the extra mile to help customers find their perfect piece. From after-sales service to knowledgeable suggestions on the best type of metal, the team of welcoming, helpful staff will ensure that every customer leaves feeling they have made an invaluable investment that will last for generations to come.