Ways to Wear September Birth Stone

Sapphire is the birthstone for September. These elegant deep blue sapphires have also been referenced across history as a symbol of paradise, leading people to believe that the gemstone would attract blessings from heaven.

The name sapphire comes via Middle French and Latin, and is mainly attributed to an Ancient Greek word, sáppheiros, meaning ‘precious stone’, though it may ultimately be traced back to a Sanskrit word, śanipriya, meaning ‘dark-colored stone’.

After diamonds, sapphires are the second hardest gemstone in the world, making them durable and ideal for everyday wear. Sapphire belongs to corundum (aluminum oxide) ruby also belongs to the same family. Kashmir, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, and Madagascar, etc are some of the sources of sapphire.

If you are a September baby or a sapphire lover here are some of the ways that you can wear this mesmerizing deep color stone in the most gorgeous ways.

There is something so special about blue sapphire rings that make them the perfect engagement rings. Even if you’re not currently looking to get engaged, this unrivaled beauty is still a romantic addition to your jewellery collection.  Monili Jeweller’s Oval Shape Sapphire Halo Engagement ring is crafted from 18KT gold featuring 7.50-carat oval-shaped sapphire with 0.48 round diamonds giving a halo design. This midnight-blue mystery is a timelessly elegant ring ideal for those who prefer to go for simple yet elegant jewellery.

Bragging a bold and strong statement, this gorgeous pair of sapphire & diamond stud earrings is always a favorite. These elegant earrings come in 18kt gold, featuring a total of 3.00 carats of octagon-shaped sapphires and 0.42ct diamonds in a halo design.  It’s very difficult to not fall in love with this iconic and intricate design.

Blue sapphires are born to be majestic and this one speaks nothing but royalty. This elegant pendant is crafted from 18ct gold featuring oval-shaped 2.50ct Blue Sapphire surrounded by round-cut 0.22CT Diamonds giving a halo & stunning look. It is a timeless piece that is ideal for all occasions.

The epitome of beauty, this sapphire bangle by Monili Jeweller’s could be every woman’s best friend. This classic and elegant bangle is crafted from 18KT gold featuring 3.60 blue sapphires in a channel setting going halfway around the bracelet. Ladies, this one might just make everything heavenly around you.

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