Wedding Rings Trend For 2021

Crafted with hands for the heart, It Is very important to find a wedding band that you will treasure rest of your life. Sometime it becomes difficult to find the perfect pair of rings, No need to worry here at Monili Jewellers we offer a wide range of Wedding band collections. Our wedding bands are designed to be loved forever and crafted from the finest precious metals, making it easy for you to find the one. Sleek and timeless, or bold and unique, there’s a wedding ring for every style and personality.

Our stunning & breathtaking wedding rings are perfect for celebrating your big day. Let’s take a sneak peek at the hottest wedding ring trends for 2021

Diamond Wedding Ring

An elegant style to express your love with Monili Jewellers diamond wedding rings. Cautiously handpicked diamonds are used in all our rings, to ensure the most incredible fire, brilliance, and sparkle. You will fall in love with all our diamond wedding rings.

Go for an Elegant new style with our 18KT Gold Diamond Wedding Ring.

Couple Wedding Ring

Complement each other with Monili Jewellers couple Wedding Ring. A simple & stunning wedding ring design for both the ladies and the gents is crafted from 18KT gold.

Designer Wedding Ring

A trend that is going to make a mark is of Designer Wedding Band. Our unique shaped and designer wedding bands are elegant and will complement your engagement.

Mixed Metal Wedding Band

As the saying goes “Two is better than one” The mixed metal wedding band is also going to find a special place in the trends of 2021. These rings are marrying two precious metals to form a lavish & elegant wedding band.